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PR and Investment - What's the Connection?

How Can PR and Communications Attract Investors and Add Value to Your Business?

The majority of businesses are looking to grow. And if that growth needs funding, you’re going to have to get in front of investors. So, at whatever stage of your business, whether you’re a start-up or further down the line, below we talk about why PR is important and how to use a PR agency to attract investors.

Funders, whether that’s venture capital companies, institutional funds or private equity firms receive thousands of proposals a year and each have a specific requirement when it comes to investment. So it goes without saying it’s tough to get a funders’ attention. But using a PR agency can significantly increase your chances of getting funded, and here's how:

PR helps you show off your expertise

Creating a business doesn’t automatically make you an expert in your field. Which is why building your personal and businesses’ brand is imperative through PR and communications. If nobody knows about your expertise or views on the industry, then you won’t be seen as an expert.

If you work with a strategic PR agency, they will work with you to understand your expertise and opinions and translate these into a thought leadership strategy that will ensure your messages are picked up by the right media in your industry. Whether that’s with opinion pieces, comments in news articles, a regular column in titles that matter. All of this supports raising your (and your key spokespeople’s) reputation to potential investors.

Being a guest on a podcast talking about the future of your industry, authoring an opinion column or giving a quote on product innovation will help you build your credibility. Publications don't publish articles from authors that have nothing useful to say to their readers, and journalists don't ask for quotes from random people.

Every word you say in the press is your chance for investors to notice you, and see you as an expert who explores daring innovations and has the knowledge and courage to create a fast-growing, successful company.

Give investors FOMO

While you clearly have to be eyes down and working on your concept, business plan, MVP and risk management, finding the right PR agency needs to be equally as important if you are looking for funds.

No investor wants to miss an opportunity of catching the next unicorn so give them FOMO. Investors are constantly looking for the best deals and they use the press to do so. TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Crunchbase are what lots of investors use to find another potential multi-billion dollar company.

PR sells you and your vision to investors

You and your vision are what matters to investors. A good PR agency will work with you to sell you and your vision in the best possible way, remaining consistent and engaging. They’ll seek out the right stories, the best publications and the most influential journalists that really matter to your business.

And remember that PR is not all press releases and interviews. Secure placements in online media, but grab more innovative opportunities as well, such as in podcasts, tech events, through twitter and LinkedIn chats or Alexa Flash Briefings - basically anywhere that will create buzz and investors may be.

Validate your message and practice what you preach

PR coverage validates a business case so when investors are researching you, press coverage can back up your message. It’s a way to prove that you practice what you preach and share the thoughts and opinions of people in the business on its future. It’s not just you saying you’re great, which investors would expect, it’s third party journalists saying so too.

PR helps you stand out

Competition is fierce for investors, and budgets are tight, particularly in current times. You may have a service or product that is innovative and so needed for your potential customers. But if investors never heard of you, it can be almost impossible to prove that your startup is worth investing in, especially if your market is already crowded. What are the odds of you standing out? Use PR and communications to help you get noticed and stand out in such a noisy world.

This is another reason to be active in the press and on socials to get the funds. Seeing you in every major publication and on social platforms is a form of proof that you are worth their money and time. It’s third party validation from an approved source and this is invaluable.

Differentiate your brand and yourself from other businesses by strong PR appearances and get the money you need for your company faster. Choosing the right PR agency is key to this and will make the process a much more slick operation.

PR can boost your SEO

Press coverage is also important from an SEO perspective, particularly if they contain links back to your own website, which will not only help investors find you, but also potential customers.

A PR agency can be a great asset to your business. Take time to find the right one. And be sure to get the most from your PR agency. If you’d like assistance on your PR and communications strategy, get in touch.


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