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How is PR working for you Joe Gilliver?

Joe Gilliver's creative agency Chameleon recently won the contract for internal events for huge telecoms company Three. As a HuHa client of over three years, we asked how PR works for him as a new business tool.

1. Why is PR part of your new business strategy?

  • In a world of constant distraction and social media that stays online for mere seconds, PR is a way for us to showcase what we do and have it in a lasting format in print and online. It helps increase our awareness in a more sustainable manner.

2. What elements of PR do you find most effective?

  • Thought leadership pieces and interviews. Doing regular thought leadership pieces and showcasing case studies helps keep us relevant and in front of our audience.

3. How does PR validate your business?

  • It helps gives us more credibility and position us as a small agency that can work with big clients. We have some impressive names that we work with now and I think this is partly down to people searching who we are when we are pitching or starting to work with them and they see what we can achieve.

4. How does PR help you in a pitch situation?

  • As mentioned above, it helps give us credibility by showcasing that although small, we can still do amazing work at the same level of agencies much larger than ours. With the thought leadership pieces it helps us showcase our expertise and our knowledge that is always evolving as we learn.

5. How does PR help you show off your expertise?

  • It gives us a platform to reach a much wider audience than just our socials do.

Cheers Joe and congrats on winning Boohoo Group, Three and many more household names :)


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