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How PR boosts your pitch chances

Creating proposals for new business opportunities demands research, problem solving, answering corporate problems, demonstrating you have the experience and understanding to be given the responsibility to be awarded a client brief. However your competition are also scratching their heads and revealing their ideas to the same client- how can you stand out?

Adopt a PR strategy and become relevant

Ensure you are quoted in the media your potential client reads, trade press is a good place to start. Do submit press releases, but thought leadership pieces are the most impactful. Thought leadership mean you control the messaging in the article plus you share your experience, authority and highlight your business’ strengths as their solution. The bigger the article the more content for you to share on your social platforms and the bigger your profile becomes. PR also pushes up your SEO, making it easier for prospect clients to find you.

Its not just you saying you’re good…

…its the journalist and the Editor of the publication you are quoted in. When a publication shares your news story or thought leadership, the journalist who has used your quote is putting their reputation on the line by publishing it. So when your prospect client reads about you in the media they are seeing you have been endorsed by a publication. Even more impactful is when you work with a client on an article you have another seal of approval, a happy customer singing your praises.

No one has to publish your news

There is no financial transaction when a piece of publicity is printed, it is all down to the editorial agenda of the publication. There is no financial obligation for the publication to print your news, which makes it even more relevant to their readership. The piece is printed on validity and merit alone.

I am the authority

Regular contact with the media will enable you to become the ‘go to’ commentator in your sector. Become a spokesperson and potential clients will be able to read about your expertise throughout business media. This regular commentary will add weight to your proposals.

Trusted brand

With well considered insightful press coverage your brand will be trusted and valuable. Leading the charge in your sectors media share will add an element of trust to your brand that your competitors will lack. To have the winning edge over your competitors, you need a PR strategy to reveal your strengths, expertise and professionalism.


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