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What is PR and Communications and can it help my business? Ask the Six Pack Revolution

This January, like most years, I took on a fitness challenge. However this year's inspiration came from a news article in the Guardian’s, Saturday Magazine, extolling the virtues of a new fitness regime. Even as a cynical PR, after reading it I was determined to get a six pack! If PR was ever in doubt as a commercial strategy, Six Pack Revolution (SPR) is firm evidence PR is worth its weight in actual gold.

A favourite journalist of mine, Emma Kennedy, had embarked on a new fitness regime in January 2022 to regain her health following a long period of ill-health. Her results were amazing, within 10 weeks her shape had slimmed down, she had indeed achieved a six pack any beach goer would be proud, and she had completely overhauled her lifestyle to a healthy, manageable and fulfilled one.

Why PR?

From the article I remembered ‘short workouts’, ‘you’ll need a battle rope’ and ‘you’ll eat eggs and asparagus’. I thought this sounds okay, I can do that. I ran a marathon last year and that was a time consuming mission, this seemed great. The article educated exactly the facts needed for me to make a decision.

I looked up the Six Pack Revolution online, the price was affordable and the results spoke for themselves. Lots of pics of slimmed down, happy people in sports bras. So I signed up! Just in time as an hour later they cancelled the sign-up page and created a waiting list. Why? Because they had never experienced this amount of interest, the Guardian piece had completely overwhelmed their booking system.

Is PR Marketing?

I signed up for the welcome Zoom call and here I experienced the true success of the article. There were over 1000 people on the call, lots stating in the chat they had found out about the Six Pack Revolution (SPR) via Emma’s Guardian piece- not through advertising. Scott Harrison, the founder of the programme was obviously in awe at the amount of sign ups. The SPR requires you to listen or read the much famed self improvement book, The Secret, before you start the programme. If you’ve not read it, it’s based on the belief of the pseudoscientific law of attraction, which claims that thoughts can change a person's life directly. Well, Scott must have manifested a huge number of sign ups for 2023.

Why use a PR Agency?

This just demonstrates how a PR agency can create a communications plan as a new business strategy that is invaluable. Your business enjoys unpaid endorsement from journalists who have a huge platform to share their experience. Businesses’ like SPR can experience new customers from all over the world. We have people in our group from Australia, Canada and America, all new territories for the business due to The Guardian’s global online reach. In these times of slashed budgets don’t be short sighted in the awareness PR can raise for your business on limited funds, it can be a game changer. And here’s before and after pictures of Emma to prove it.


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